Although Cosmetics & Personal Care are similar areas in terms of manufacturing & laboratory disciplines, they can be separated in terms of specific experience and regulatory standards. We do find candidates can move between the two sectors, not least in Formulation & Development but we do tend to find that Cosmetics can be a narrow field with experienced candidates sought after by the industry leaders due to a small candidate pool and a very specific way of working. We work with a number of leading cosmetic manufacturing brand leaders, who tend to seek R&D, Process Development, Analytical & Regulatory candidates more frequently than most other skills/discipline area’s. We tend to find that our Personal Care clients typically recruit for Formulation & Quality candidates above all else. They are constantly reformulating existing products & developing new products with quality & efficiency or production paramount. Amongst the team, cosmetics & personal care is one of the sectors we are most experienced in & a trusted recruitment partner for a number of clients & candidates.

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Ben George

Lead FMCG and Household Recruitment Specialist and Divisional Manager

What you do- Leading the team at Science Solutions in our growing FMCG and Household division. Specialising in technical and senior roles across multiple industry verticals that are within the consumer products sector, with a key focus on driving value add hires into clients to support their growth and development.Fun fact- I've swam with Great White Sharks in South Africa and lived to tell the tale. Hobbies and interest- I really enjoy travelling, whether its around the UK or visiting different countries. I also enjoy cycling, keeping fit, cooking (ex Chef) and watching Liverpool Football ...

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Stephanie Houghton

Lead Recruitment Specialist- Cosmetics, Household & Personal Care

What my role consists of- I work in partnership with various brand and manufacturers across the whole of the UK, specialising solely in supplying niche, talented Scientific & Technical staff to the Cosmetics, Household & Personal Care industries.Fun fact- I love the Sun! I am a Summer baby, as I was born in August. When I was younger, I lived in Greece with my parents for a few years, spending so much time on the beach was a dream! I love sunny holidays, I’ve been to Ibiza 6 times in the past 4 years! I also have Spanish relatives!Hobbies and interests- In my spare time, I enjoy soc...

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Joshua Greathead

Scientific Recruitment Specialist- Cosmetics, Household and Personal Care

What you do- I find candidates for theCosmetics, Household & Personal Care industries to help them with their next career steps!Fun fact- My party trick is the splits.Hobbies and interest- I walk regularly in the Lake District, manage my own investment portfolio and have too many beers in pubs.​

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Mary Connors

Scientific Recruitment Specialist- FMCG (Food and Drink)

​What my role consists of- I’m a recruitment consultant and specialise within technical scientific roles within the food and drink sector. Focusing in providing the best candidates for my clients aimed at their ideal positions across the United Kingdom.Fun fact- I once travelled to Vietnam when I was 17 years old for two months on my own!Hobbies and interest- I love to read, watch Disney and marvel films and spend time with my family in my spare time.​

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