Although Cosmetics & Personal Care are similar areas in terms of manufacturing & laboratory disciplines, they can be separated in terms of specific experience and regulatory standards. We do find candidates can move between the two sectors, not least in Formulation & Development but we do tend to find that Cosmetics can be a narrow field with experienced candidates sought after by the industry leaders due to a small candidate pool and a very specific way of working. We work with a number of leading cosmetic manufacturing brand leaders, who tend to seek R&D, Process Development, Analytical & Regulatory candidates more frequently than most other skills/discipline area’s. We tend to find that our Personal Care clients typically recruit for Formulation & Quality candidates above all else. They are constantly reformulating existing products & developing new products with quality & efficiency or production paramount. Amongst the team, cosmetics & personal care is one of the sectors we are most experienced in & a trusted recruitment partner for a number of clients & candidates.

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Stephanie Houghton

Lead Recruitment Specialist- Cosmetics, Household & Personal Care

What my role consists of- I work in partnership with various brand and manufacturers across the whole of the UK, specialising solely in supplying niche, talented Scientific & Technical staff to the Cosmetics, Household & Personal Care industries.Fun fact- I love the Sun! I am a Summer baby, as I was born in August. When I was younger, I lived in Greece with my parents for a few years, spending so much time on the beach was a dream! I love sunny holidays, I’ve been to Ibiza 6 times in the past 4 years! I also have Spanish relatives!Hobbies and interests- In my spare time, I enjoy soc...

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Milli Scholey

Scientific Recruitment Specialist- Cosmetics, Household and Personal Care

​What my role consists of- I am a specialist recruiter into the Cosmetics, Personal Care and Household industries nationwide. I assist a number of clients with their recruitment requirements across the scientific sector for roles such as; R&D, New Product Development, Regulatory, Quality, and Product/Brand Management.​Fun Fact- I used to be the biggest football fan ever, supporting Liverpool. I went to Anfield multiple times to watch both Liverpool and England, and was even a member of the fan club! I grew out of it when I was in school as I didn’t think it was ‘cool’ anymore.​Hobbies a...

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