The Polymer industry encompasses a range of applications, from aerospace, medical device and building products, through to cutting edge technologies. Clients are often extremely specific in the skillsets they require, making this industry quite difficult to recruit within. As a result, candidates are often in short supply and high demand, with certain areas of polymer development being particularly highly sought after.

Examples of roles include:

  • Lab Technicians
  • Polymer Chemists
  • Polymer Synthetic Chemists
  • Analytical Chemists
  • Analytical Managers
  • Laboratory Managers
  • Physical Chemists
  • Formulation & Development Chemists
  • Research Scientists
  • Polymer Engineers
  • Technologists
  • Technical Managers
  • Development Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Quality Professionals;
    – Quality Managers
    – Quality Engineers
    – Quality Assurance Officers
    – QA Supervisors
    – QA Managers
    – QC Technicians
    – QC Analysts
    – QC Managers
    – Quality Directors
    – Continuous Improvement Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • Production Engineers
  • Production Managers
  • Production Supervisors
  • Operations Managers
  • Testing Technicians
  • Development Directors
  • Technical Directors
  • CEO’s
  • CSO’s

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