Meet the team Monday!

Week three! Science Solutions has been steadily expanding over the last few years and as our team flourishes, it’s a privilege for us to share with you our team stories. For eleven weeks, we are sharing a staff profile with you, taking us all the way to Christmas Eve.


This week, let’s meet Pamela Lloyd, Scientific Recruitment Specialist. Pam speaks French and supports our Europe-wide networking and head-hunting. She has strengths in marketing, communication and head-hunting for niche markets.

Professional background

Pam graduated from Lancaster University with a BSc (Hons) in 2006 and, after working in France for a few years and working for the YHA in the Lake District, she joined a large UK recruitment company in 2010 and came on board with Science Solutions in May 2015. Pam had a background in temporary and high-compliance recruitment when she joined us; she has combined these skills with her language experience to support our cosmetics, personal care and household team with their European recruitment. Pam is branching out into a networking role, combining marketing and communications with niche recruitment.

She is based at our Lancaster office and travels regularly to our Birchwood Park office in Warrington, mostly for the lunches! All our staff travel between offices and have regular full-team social events, nurturing excellent working relationships and exemplary team communication.

Working in Lancaster

In Lancaster, our office is next to the Lancaster Canal; a peaceful location within the city centre. Pam makes use of the small, intimate gym which is approximately 10 metres from the Lancaster office; our extended lunch breaks mean she can go to the gym at lunchtime, something she had missed after having children. The gym runs lunchtime classes with a maximum of 8 people per class, or there’s a free weights and CV machine space for those who prefer to work out alone. Lancaster is a great place to live and work, being on the doorstep to the Lake District and yet only 2.5 hours on a direct train to London Euston.

Kids, pets and the outdoors

When she’s not in the office, Pam is usually outdoors, with her two young children and Jess, her chocolate labrador x spaniel. Lancaster is a short drive to the Lune Valley, the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales – take your pick! Pam works with Science Solutions three days a week: Monday to Wednesday, which fits in well with busy family life. She loves walking, cycling and taking the family to her dad’s dairy farm, where she keeps her 21-year-old fell pony. When she gets the chance, she loves nothing better than to sneak in a cheeky ride on the fell while the grandparents babysit.

Pam loves the live music on offer in Lancaster and tries to take the kids to as many events as possible. Growing up mostly in the 90s, amongst some fairly forgettable pop music, these days she secretly goes to Take That concerts with her sister and the rest of the time, loves the Blues, music from the 50s, the odd opera, a dash of country and most things in between. She loves baking, although beware of eating anything on offer these days, as it’s usually been made with the assistance of two toddlers. Joe is the best bet for a cake in our office!

Ask Pam…

Do you have any questions for Pam?

  • How do you juggle work and a young family, and still get time for yourself? Ask Pam about “guilt free days.”
  • Are you currently working in Europe, and you’d like some advice about relocating to the UK?
  • Are you in charge of recruitment and struggling to find the right talent for your team?
  • Interested in walking, horse riding, farming, children or pets?

Post your question to Pam here, or don’t hesitate to contact her directly:

Pamela Lloyd 01524 237289 (direct line, Monday to Wednesday)

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