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With constant development taking place in the biotechnology and life science industries, working with an experienced recruiter such as Science Solutions is key to securing the right employee or your next employment opportunity. High demand skills such as GMP based bioproduction and high concept research are constantly in demand and we pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest advancements in the industry.

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Chris Morris

Lead Scientific Recruitment Specialist- Biotechnology

​What my job consists of- I specialise in recruiting scientists into the UK’s biotechnology industry. My client base is predominantly companies at preclinical and clinical stage, looking for candidates within R&D, process development, and translational science.​Fun fact- I’ve got an irrational fear of any winged insect (mostly moths, butterflies, and wasps) flying into my ear canal.​Hobbies and interests- I’m obsessed with music, and spend most of my spare time either listening to it or playing guitar, singing, and writing/recording songs (although admittedly not as much of the latter a...

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