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Robert Smith

Scientific Recruitment Specialist- Chemicals

About Robert

What you do- As part of the Chemicals division I will be building upon my academic background to recruit skilled chemists across the UK into areas such as fine chemicals and agrochemical R&D and manufacturing. Prior to recruitment my background involved academic research, gaining my PhD from the University of Liverpool and spending several years as a researcher at the University of Chester. My main focus was electrochemistry and fuel cells, but I’ve turned my hand to most aspects of chemistry, from organic synthesis to modelling surface structures.

Fun fact- I love a random fact, like that the dot above an i or j is called a tittle!

Hobbies and interest- I’m a big geek at heart, whether its PC gaming, tabletop gaming or even the odd D&D session! I’ve been doing archery for the last 20 years, but no-one has let me shoot an apple off their head yet. I enjoy long walks with my 2 dogs, especially if there’s a real ale pub at the end of it!