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Mustafa Ahmad

Scientific Recruitment Specialist- Pharmaceuticals

About Mustafa

What my role consists of- I work as part of the Pharmaceutical team here at Science Solutions where my focus is on the Midlands and London areas. I work within multiple departments of Pharma clients recruiting for QC, QA, Reg Affairs, Formulation and Manufacturing ranging from graduate level all the way to Director level and everything in between. Other aspects of my job are giving general market and industry advice, helping you with your CV, interview preparation, planning out your next steps and helping clients manage their recruitment strategies going forward.

​​Fun fact- I can eat coleslaw everyday with every meal and would never get tired of it.  My dream destination is New Zealand. The worst of them all; I like Nickelback.

Hobbies and interest- I’m quite a simple person really; the usual stuff of spending time with people I (sometimes) like, playing different sports, eating Fruit Gums, nature walks, chasing my cat at random unexpected times of the day, drinking water, sanitising my hands and buying football kits I don’t need.