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Leo Hayden

Scientific Recruitment Specialist- Household

About Leo

What your role consists of- Household Scientific Recruitment Specialist focusing within Supply QC, QA, R&D, Formulation, Microbiology, Regulatory, technical, senior and manufacturing disciplines to the household cleaning industries.

Products/industries include:

Multi-purpose sanitiser, oven cleaner, limescale remover, window cleaner, hand soap,  bleach, floor cleaner, car polish, washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets , washing powder ect. (Chemical products as opposed to Material Products) (Cleaning products as opposed to cosmetic products)

Fun fact- Me and my mate bought a Nissan Micra from year 2002 and painted it the colours of the Ukraine flag. We then took it round Europe and raising awareness for the Ukraine cause. People who wished to donate could do so via a link or cash and we would then put that towards the cause. These people could then paint their name onto the car as a show of the support for the cause! Unfortunately after 18 days the cars engine burnt out and we had to fly home from Marseille! But at least we reached the end destination

Hobbies and interest- I love team sports. I used to be really good at football before I broke my ankle and couldn’t play for two years! But all team sports in general are amazing like basketball ect. For me, nothing can beat socialising whilst running around and exercising. I support the famous CFC, My second team is Everton because I can’t stand Liverpool Fc.