Interview tips

Preparation Before Your Interview

As with most things in life, preparation is key to success. With the correct steps taken before your interview you are more likely to be successful and secure the job.

Research the Company and Job Role

Ensuring you have a thorough understanding of the company you are going to visit will not only make you stand out against other interviewees who haven’t prepared, but it will also make you consider if the company and job is something you are genuinely interested in being part of. Ways of researching are;

  • Visit their website- look at all the sections of the website, this will give you the best understanding of the company’s values and what they provide.
  • Use a search engine to see if the company has had any recent press releases or news articles written about them.
  • Read over the job description for the position you are interviewing for and prepare any questions you might have regarding the company and the responsibilities of the position.

Revise Your Experience

The whole point of an interview is for the company to establish what your experience will bring to the company, so making sure you have clear understanding of this is integral to making a good impression. Before the interview;

  • Read over your CV and have a full understanding of your previous roles and education.
  • Prepare answers for questions that you may be asked- examples of past experiences and techniques used, working as part of a team, dealing with issues that have arisen during your previous experience etc.

Plan the Journey

Once you know where your interview is taking place and at what time, avoid the stress of the journey by planning your route well ahead of time.

  • If you are travelling via personal transport have a look at multiple routes, in case there are any incidents on the day.
  • If you are travelling via public transport, ensure you have plenty of time to make any relevant connections and arrive in good time. Also check to see if the service is running on the day.
  • If there are any issues, inform your recruiter or the company as soon as possible.

Dress Code

Hopefully you will have been informed of the dress code for the interview, if so, plan your outfit and ensure you have everything prepared the day before. If no dress code has been mentioned, then err on the side of caution in terms of a form attire. You won’t miss out on a position if you are over dressed.

On the Day of the Interview

The day of the interview has arrived and something to bear in mind is you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Arrive on Time

The first thing to ensure is that you arrive with plenty of time to spare. This will reduce the stress of getting to the interview and allow you to do any last minute preparation. Also, it gives you more time if there any issues whilst traveling to the interview.

Make the Right Impression

When meeting your interviewer, try to be a personable and professional as possible, the individual who you will be meeting is most like the hiring manager for the job and if you are successful could well be your boss!

During the Interview

Once the interview has started, remain attentive and answer the questions in as much detail as possible. Something that is overlooked is appearing to be excited by the opportunity being presented and reflecting this in your answers.

After the Interview

Once the interview is completed, remember to thank the interviewers for their time and if it’s not already been mentioned, ask when it is you will hear feedback from the interview. If you have gone through a recruiter, giving them a call afterwards with your feedback will allow them to provide the company with this information. If you have been in contact with the interviewer/ line manager previously via email, then sending over a thank you email will paint you in a good light.

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